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Mexican Fireleg

Brachypelma boehmei
  • Type: New World
  • Adult Size: 120mm - 140mm, Sometimes a little larger
  • Natural Range: Mexico
  • Habits: Terrestrial / Burrower
  • Natural Habitat: Tropical sub-humid forests
  • Temperament: Typically a docile tarantula, rarely bites, but some specimens may be nervous. Suitable for beginners
  • Venom: Usually not of medical importance, but bites may be painful
  • Urticulating Hair: Yes
  • Experience Level: Beginners upwards
  • Lifespan: Females are said to live 15 - 25 years in captivity
  • Terrarium Setup:
    • Type: Terrestrial
    • Size:  Medium
    • Temperatures: Day: 27°C - 29°C / Night 22°C - 24°C
    • Humidity: Medium 50% - 60% 
This is one of the most spectacular looking tarantula species available to the hobby. The dark black abdomen and contrasting red legs make this spider a force to be reckoned with. It is quite similar to Brachypelma smithi, but regarded by some as being more beautiful. They grow relatively fast, and make great display tarantulas. Due to their hardy nature and beautiful coloration, they are popular amongst beginners.

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Excellent Service and Responce - Chris Gerber - 2013-01-18
Bought my first tarantula from Deviant Exotics yesterday!!! Was very happy with the service and DEFINITELY recommend using them for any purchase regarding exotics!!! Service was quick and very efficient. Received my package in very good and safe condition!!! that's one very happy owner and one very happy/lively tarantula. Thanks Deviant Exotics

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