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Black Spitting Scorpion

Parabuthus transvaalicus

  • Adult Size: 130mm - 150mm
  • Natural Range: Southern Africa
  • Habits: Nocturnal, Terrestrial / Burrower
  • Natural Habitat: Inhabits sandy, gritty and loamy soils, where it usually constructs burrows under rocks & logs
  • Temperament: These are aggressive scorpions that will readily defend themselves if tampered with. Treat them with respect! They are reported to spray venom, but this is a very rare occurrence.
  • Venom: Large doses of potent neurotoxin. All stings should be treated as a serious emergency, and may require anti-venom in serious cases. Potentially lethal
  • Experience Level: Preferably only for experts
  • Lifespan: 5 - 7 Years
  • Reproduction: Apoikogenic; the mother retains eggs inside her for 6 - 11 months before giving birth to live young. As with other scorpions, the young then climb onto the back of the mother, and she will care for them for another few weeks
  • Terrarium Setup:
    • Type: Arid/Dry Savannah
    • Substrate: Sandy, gritty soil that allows for burrowing.
    • Size:  Small - Medium
    • Temperatures: Day: 27°C - 32°C / Night: 24°C - 30°C
    • Humidity: Low - Medium 30% - 60% They do not like wet substrate, but make sure they always have a very small wet spot in one end of the enclosure, keep the rest dry.
A large and robust species from warm and dry areas. The thick tail and small pincers indicates a potent venom, and the warning is best heeded! The name spitting scorpion, comes from their reputed ability to spray venom. May stridulate when annoyed, by rubbing the stinger against a modified surface on the upper side of the last caudal segment. Provide enough substrate, and lots of hiding places such as rocks and driftwood under which they can burrow. Hardy and easy to care for, but deadly and can move very fast if provoked! Although they do not usually climb, they may do so with great ease! Interesting species to keep, but take great care when working with them!


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